The Chittlehamholt Community Shop is in need of more volunteers in order to maintain its opening hours. Can you help?

Message from Tim Baker, chairman of the Chittlehamholt Community Shop management committee:

If you wish the shop to maintain its current opening hours we need your help. 

Our current team of Volunteers who run the shop have lately been depleted due to various unplanned events. Our situation has become critical in that the shop may have to remain closed for periods as we no longer have sufficient Volunteers to cover our advertised Opening Times.

We are proud that our little shop supports the village/s, and we are now asking for your help (even if it is short term) to help us cover the shortage of volunteers until some or all are able to return to the shop. If you are able to help us please contact Heather Baker on 540196.

Many Thanks

Tim Baker (Chairman)