Statement from the Community Shop regarding measures to minimise the risk to shoppers and staff from Coronavirus.

To support the community, the shop will remain open to provide much-needed supplies, but in order to provide this service the following must be observed to ensure we minimise the risk to both volunteers and customers alike.

  1. We will accept telephone orders from those who are  either in self isolation or are immobile  and cannot physically get to the shop. How this will work is as follows:-
  2. Normal opening hours will be maintained.
    • Customer calls the shop on 01769 540314 and your order will be recorded
    • Once the order has been picked, we will call you back to confirm the items that we are able to supply, and the cost
    • During this call the customer will pay by either Debit or Credit card
    • The order, with your receipt, will be delivered to your door by members of the Parish Council who have volunteered for this task. We hope to make daily deliveries where possible.
  3. Where customers can come to the shop:
    • then we will ask you to stand at the doorway, at which point we will ask you what you would like to order
    • we will then pick the items required.
    • When complete, we will invite you to enter the shop to pay and collect your items. In this way we limit the contact between individuals keeping it to a minimum. As money can carry the virus, we would much prefer that payment is made by either a valid Debit or Credit card.
    • Volunteers will be wearing protective gloves for the handling of cash if necessary.

Your kind assistance in these matters will be greatly appreciated. Our overall objective is to continue providing the service whilst keeping risks to us all at a minimum. To comply with social distancing, the coffee machine , microwave and meeting area are suspended for the time being. Hot beverages will still be available and provided by shop staff for consumption off premises.

To ensure that we can meet your needs, pre-ordering of Bakery items, Fresh Meat and Milk will be essential to avoid disappointment.

We will be sanitising/cleaning all touch surfaces within the shop to combat any transmission of the virus .

As we are only a small shop run purely by volunteers, with limited space and are subject to the whims of our Wholesaler, there may be times when we cannot accommodate all your needs, but we will be doing our very best, So please bear with us as we go along.

If there is anybody with time on their hands, please consider lending a hand at the shop, where you will be very welcome.

Stay well,

Tim Baker


Chittlehamholt Village Shop