The Parish Council is in the process of installing a night landing site for the Devon Air Ambulance on the Launds playing field in Chittlehamholt. This will allow the Devon Air Ambulance to land in the centre of our settlement during the hours of darkness as well as during the daytime. 

The current status of the project is that funds have been obtained, equipment purchased and a contract for installation awarded. We are now waiting for permits from North Devon Council to tunnel under the road between the village hall and the cricket pavilion in order to install an electricity supply. The cost of the project has been met almost entirely through grants from the Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT)North Devon Council and Devon County Council. The total cost to the Parish Council will be £235.66.

If you would like more information about the night landing site, you can view the information from the DAAT in the document below. Please contact the Council through our contact form if you have any questions not covered by the information on this page.

 Chittlehamholt DAAT Night Landing Site Information  pdf tiny